Baby Furniture

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Baby furniture is more like an investment for both you and the baby which will last for at least a few years. It would therefore be prudent to research and buy furniture that is sturdy, repeating and which suits you the best. Moreover, the nursery is the room where the baby and you will be spending a major of your time; it is where the baby will form his first impression of the world he has been born into.

When you start looking for baby furniture to buy, you will come across a large variety of choices and a wide range of designs. The essential factors that you need to take into consideration are your budget, style, comfort and most importantly safety.

The essential pieces in the baby furniture ensemble are as follows:

Baby cribs and crib mattresses

Every parent first needs to buy a good baby crib. These come in a variety of styles like canopy, convertible and sleigh among others. They also come in various color schemes to fit the theme of the nursery, should you choose to have any. Mattresses secure comfort for the baby and typically come in two types – foam or innerspring coil. Accessories with mattress include bedding, crib sheets, crib wedges and waterproof mattress pads.

Cradles and bassinets

The advantage of a cradle is that you can rock it from side to side to ensure comfort and security for the baby. From birth until four months or till the baby begins to roll, baby need cradle.

Changing tables

Not only should the changing table be well padded but must have guardrails and safety straps for the baby. It usually comes with dresser drawers, open shelves or a combination of both. Accessories on a changing table include changing pads, organizers and wipe warmers.

Moses baskets

Are a unique piece of furniture and are occasionally given in the baby shower. Often considered to be heirlooms, they are treasured as such and passed on through generations.

Rocking chairs

For both the parent and the child. A rocking chair for the mother is a welcome gift as it will enable her to spend lots of quality time with her baby in the nursery comfortably.


Every nursery is equipped with a playpen, which comes in three different styles. One is a basic kind which can be used as a playpen or a crib, the second that has a bassinet built in for the newborn and the third which is a canopy style to shield the baby from the elements. A changing station, netting for outdoor use and sheets can be added to the ensemble if needed.

Baby dresser

Every nursery needs a baby dresser or chest of drawers for the new born. Baby Dresser and nurse can be in same color theme.

Portable travel crib

This is very useful for overnight trips or weekend getaways.

High chair

When baby learning to sit, we need this kind of furniture. There are several types of high chairs including adjustable, conventional, booster and wooden.

Car seats

While in car, the baby always need a car seat. These come in several styles such infant care seat, convertible and booster.


A requisite item as it facilitates the mother to go about her tasks of shopping, walking etc with the baby conveniently located in the stroller. They come in a standard variety, single and double, or even one that combines as a car seat. Most strollers have a canopy, front bar, harness, recliner and a storage space.

Baby monitor

A monitor can give the parents added reassurance that their baby is safe. There are several types: audio, audio / movement and audio / video monitors.

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