Synthetic Outdoor Wicker For Winter Furniture

Ally Outdoor Wicker Bistro Chair detailed

Wicker furniture is create from rattan, cane, fiber and many other materials. When you see an outdoor wicker winter furniture and you realize it’s ‘wicker’. It’s actually not the type of the material but the style of weaving it together to get the final piece.

Usually natural wicker furniture is great for summer but it’s not so great for keeping it outdoors in winter. Usually in bad weather you needs move it indoors to protect the material from the harsh weather conditions. Some people spray it with various sealants in order to waterproof it. However in the long run this is not the best option. The wicker weaving mean that through the actual weaving process, there will be many tiny places where the sealant will not reach any matter how much you try. These places will be free for any weather conditions to attack them and eventually the furniture will get destroyed.

Wicker Furniture for Winter

Nowadays synthetic, man made outdoor wicker furniture is the better option for winter. You can use this furniture outdoors through the entire year without any adverse reactions due to rain, snow, winds or too much sun. There are nowdays full furniture sets including benches, chairs, chaise lounges and tables made of synthetic materials for outdoors. Also you can get cushions that can withstand the outdoor conditions to match perfectly your wicker outdoor furniture.

There are various materials that you can get, and some are more shiny than others. The shiny types are cheaper and they usually break down easier into the environment. Some people actually feel some lingering chemical smell on them which is quite uncomfortable to be around. Furniture made of PVC comes to mind here. Others, made of polyethylene, are more expensive and also better looking and most of the times can easily imitate various natural fibers.

It is important for the wicker furniture for outdoor to have UV protection so that the color does not fade. Also when purchasing, make sure that you get your furniture set from a reputable company, whether online or at the local store. This will ensure that you will get the perfect furniture for your patio or deck that will last you for long years ahead without being affected by the harsh winter weather.

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