Benefits of Profitable Rattan Furniture

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Rattan furniture, whose raw materials are widely grown in the regions of Java, Sulawesi, Kalimantan, and Nusa Tenggara, is often the choice of local and even international communities to beautify their homes. The use of this furniture has always been a trend and is timeless. Besides being timeless, these are the reasons why rattan furniture continues to be a choice.

1. Have Light Weight

When compared to furniture from other materials such as solid wood, furniture made from rattan weighs much lighter. Because it is lightweight, this type of furniture can be shifted and moved everywhere easily. For example just a baby crib like the picture above made of rattan.

If you have a rattan baby crib, you don’t need to buy 2 cribs to be placed in the nursery and in a private room. You simply lift it or move it when needed.

To be more safe and comfortable for your child, place the mattress on the base and also a pillow around the crib. You can choose a mat upholstery with cute colors and patterns to make the box look sweeter.

2. Relatively Cheap Rattan Furniture

Although the price of original rattan furniture is relatively cheaper than furniture made from other original materials, it does not make the quality cheap. You can choose a rattan work chair like the picture above as proof.

3. Emitting Classical Ethnic Feel

Everything that smells of ethnicity and classics must steal the attention of international consumers. No wonder, many rattan furniture craftsmen export their products abroad. Not only with common models and types, rattan can be transformed into large furniture such as beds.

But it seems that in Indonesia there are still rarely people who use beds with this material. Due to the high foreign market interest in rattan, it may make the craftsmen explore more in making furniture for foreign markets compared to local markets.

4. Strong

The strength of rattan furniture can be pitted with furniture made from solid wood. The proof is that rattan can be transformed into a lounge chair for the family room. Lounge chairs like the picture above are strong to hold the weight of some adult humans.

5. Durable

The durability of rattan furniture can last a very long time. Quite diligent in cleaning it from dust and not often being placed close to the sun, then furniture like this dining chair can continue to be passed on to your children and grandchildren.

To make it look more varied from time to time, match chairs with other material tables such as wood or modern design tables made of iron. Also add a soft cushion on the seat holder so that the atmosphere feels more comfortable eating.

6. Can Be Formed Anything

Aside from being furniture, rattan can also be used as home decoration materials. For example, a food hood for a dining table, partition or wall decoration.

The decoration can also be made from recycled rattan goods that are not used. With reference to DIY Projects from the internet, voila, you can also get beautiful and attractive decorations.

7. Can Also Look Modern

Rattan furniture does not always have to follow its natural color, which is brown. You can also change rattan furniture, such as sofas, to look more modern with shades of pop. The way is, you can simply ask the craftsman to paint the ordered furniture with the color of your choice. Attractive color choices for sofas like the picture above can be blue, electric yellow, or shocking pink.

We provide a wide range of furniture and home decor from outdoor rattan and natural rattan if you are interested. Has a comparable price and quality, and a variety of attractive designs. You can contact us via the form or chat or even email, to determine the furniture you want to buy.

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