Best Outdoor Furniture is Synthetic Rattan Furniture

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The best outdoor furniture or the best outdoor furniture is synthetic rattan furniture. Yes, we agree with the arrest. Because, if we look at the history of birth and the reality that existed in the field before the discovery of plastic rattan furniture. It is very difficult to make outdoor furniture from materials other than that are strong and durable. But still have very good aesthetic and artistic value.

The best outdoor furniture must be able to be outdoors for a very long period of time. Exposed to daytime heat, rain day or night, exposed to the cold of the night, without rusting, without damage, without rapid color fading. And that is all in synthetic rattan furniture. Certainly making synthetic rattan furniture is in accordance with world standards.

We might be able to use teak furniture for outdoor use, but surely we must use very old teak. Super old teak must be super high too. Although teak has its own distinctive motif, but with the right weaving technique, the motifs and colors of synthetic rattan woven material can provide motifs that are also very artistic. And that can be obtained at a price that is much lower than teak furniture.

Aluminum Frame

The aluminum frame used makes this furniture rust-proof and termite-proof. Of course the aluminum used must use aluminum which also passed the standard. Yes, aluminum is the material that is still the main choice for manufacturing synthetic rattan furniture. This is because aluminum is cheaper than stainless or teak wood but has excellent outdoor resistance. Of the several products that we make, there are also those who use stainless as the framework for this plastic rattan furniture. There are also those who use teak wood as their frames. Some even use the “manau” type of rattan for their frames. For outdoor placement, Manau rattan has a good strength, but still not as good as aluminum or stainless.

Synthetic Rattan Woven

The combination of plastic rattan woven material with aluminum or stainless frame makes synthetic rattan furniture known as all weathers wicker furniture or all seasons wicker furniture. That means, abroad which has more seasons than Indonesia, synthetic rattan furniture is able to withstand all weather and seasons. And, very few experienced quality degradation in terms of strength and color change in a short time.

Outdoor Foam

The foam used to complement synthetic rattan furniture usually uses foam which is also export standard, with water repellent fabric as a foam cover. The fabric used also has a high standard to be used as a complement to outdoor furniture. Like the taro leaves doused with water, this fabric is the same as that. And all that becomes more complete with a very diverse choice of fabric colors.

All of the above makes this synthetic rattan furniture truly furniture that can last for 24 hours non-stop outdoors for years. And will be far more durable too if used as indoor furniture or indoor furniture. Because not a few of our customers also use artificial synthetic rattan furniture which, with full outdoor specifications, but uses the furniture as indoor furniture. Why? Of course, because the motives are beautiful and diverse, and safe and comfortable, with a choice of models that are almost unlimited.

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