Outdoor Furniture Maintenance and Bird Droppings Go Hand-In-Hand

Orza Coffe Table - Outdoor Rattan Patio Furniture detail

Outdoor furniture Maintenance can be very hard to keep them looking clean. Of course, a home with a patio or backyard requires pieces of furniture to give an informal look for creating a space that can be used to host a party, have an informal family dinner or host any celebration.

Especially in the warm summer months when most of us like to spend time outside in the open air enjoying a cool evening breeze; outdoor furniture provides a great way of unwinding after a hectic work day as well. Usually, outdoor furniture is made of sturdy material to last such as canvas, metal, plastic or wood. While wood may not be a suitable all-weather option, it can enhance the area with its look and design, provided it is neatly stored and protected. Recycled plastic furniture is a great way to have durable outdoor furniture as well as go easy on the environment.

Outdoor Furniture Maintenance

Whatever the material used, constant exposure to the elements of nature can make it weak, form rust, discolor and gather dirt and grime.

Cleaning outdoor furniture is usually taken up as a spring-time detail when the home garden, yard, patio and play areas are taken care of. However, it can become quite a regular chore if the outdoors is used frequently during the summer. The weather and other factors like fallen leaves, twigs and bird droppings can create quite a mess and need to be cleared often.

Preventing these from collecting or messing up the furniture is the best way to ensure that outdoor furniture last long; this can be done by putting away furniture after every use or using protective covering that are available at regular stores. However, this may not always be possible due to time constraints and other factors.

Cleaning and Maintenance

In such cases, using easy methods to clean and maintain outdoor furniture can make help create better outdoor experiences. If the area around the home is prior to falling leaves and twigs, these are easily cleaned with the help of a garden broom or a large brush to collect and remove the waste. Cleaning once a week with warm water and a mild detergent is a great idea; a quick wipe to remove the moisture will prevent mildew or mold. If vinyl or plastic covers are used, they will need a quick wash and sun-dry to prevent mold. Exposure to sunlight prevents germs and bacteria from forming if furniture has a predisposition to mildew.

Bird droppings

Bird droppings are very acidic in nature and can cause damage to furniture if not cleaned on time. Not only do they leave unsightly messes they can also corrode and discolor furniture. If left to dry and unattended for a long time, bird droppings can become very hard to remove. Using water and a brush or scrub is the best method to remove bird droppings; stubborn ones may need a little bicarbonate of soda to be added in the water while cleaning. Using stain removers or bleaches can damage the furniture. Scraping away dry bird dropping is quite unhygienic as the dust can be inhaled and cause infections.

As suggested earlier, using protective covering on outdoor furniture is a good idea; however, there is no guarantee that these covers will be free of bird droppings. This brings us back to the same chore of cleaning them again!

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