Wisanka Furniture Virtual Showroom with 360 Camera Experience

Wisanka Furniture Virtual Showroom with 360 Camera Experience

It is our pleasure to ask you to go to our Wisanka furniture showroom on a virtual platform. In other words, by using our 360-camera technology, we made something unique during the Covid-19 pandemic.

We trying to satisfy your needs for furniture and residential decoration. Albeit there’s any protocol for the health caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. We’ve released the thought of a virtual Wisanka showroom.

We do hope that Virtual Showroom could made the visitors feels and see our latest products. additionally. You’ll see our product there as if they’re within the same room.

Welcome to Wisanka Furniture Virtual Showroom

We honoured to present this immersive and dynamic digital experience to the planet by launching our latest range of furniture. Last, everyone invited to experience a totally personalized guide through our live computer game showroom with just a swipe and click on of a finger.

We have a various great idea design also creativity for any quite furniture and residential décor. tons of furniture that we produce either using material natural rattan or outdoor synthetic rattan.

Our sales team are going to be happy to help you and discuss via email, chat rooms and scheduled video calls to finish your virtual business trip with us.

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